Rules, Terms, and Conditions

These terms and conditions exist to allow us to provide the best experience possible for the vendors. Please read them carefully before registering.


Like any good event, we do have a few basic rules:

  • ABSOLUTELY No Smoking or Vaping in the event hall. Vendors can ask someone to watch their booth to step out for this, or you can opt for another source of nicotine like gum, but PLEASE don’t get us in trouble with the venue on this or we won’t be invited back. It is illegal to vape and smoke indoors in Utah.
  • No alcohol. Please don’t make us deal with drunk vendors…
  • All booth staff needs badges. They’re free, just like admission, but this helps us keep you all safe from theft during load in and out.
  • Please try to be at your booth no later than 8:50 am on Saturday. Holiday shopping events can be a bit frenetic, so we want you to have your best chance at maximizing your sales time. The hall WILL open at 9am sharp, so if you are unexpectedly delayed by good old Utah Construction, please let us know as soon as it is safe to do so and we will have someone stand by your booth to protect your inventory.
  • We understand that emergencies happen. If you have an emergency that will force you to back out of the event, please contact the event management ASAP.

Artisan Only Agreement

This event is a strictly handmade and artist market.

These businesses are welcome to sponsor but will absolutely not be allowed a booth on the floor in order to give the most opportunity for artists and crafters to provide gifts for our attendees to purchase: MLMs/Direct Sales, Car Dealerships, Insurance Agencies, Financial Services, Banks, Recruiters, or any other business that is not doing handmade products or self-made art.

By registering for this event, you understand and agree that if you are found to have presented yourself as an artisan and then participate as one of the above, you will be ejected from the event and your booth fee will be forfeit.

Fanart and Plagiarism Agreement

Fanart is welcome but plagiarism and bootlegs are strictly forbidden.
THIS INCLUDES AI-GENERATED ART! ALL AI platforms run off art used without the permission of the artists, therefore we categorize all AI-Generated Art as Plagiarism.

  • 3D Printers MUST have a license to sell from each model designer. Please have these sales licenses printed out and with you at check-in.
  • You may sell another’s work with written consent. Please have this consent printed out and with you at check-in.
  • If you are found to have fully traced art or products belonging to another artist that you are selling without their knowledge and consent, you will be evicted from the hall and your fee will be forfeit. This also goes for 3D printers that have not paid for a sales license from ALL applicable modelers.

By registering, you certify that all products at your booth are in no way plagiarized and either your own design or are sold with the express permission of the artist(s) involved. If you are selling the work of another or on behalf of another, you will be required to provide proof of consent/licensure at check-in. If you are found in violation of this rule, you acknowledge that you will be ejected from the event and your fee will be forfeit.